How to edit a montage video

Montage videos are some of my favourite to make. They're fun, fast and ultimately the most forgiving for new editors (holla!)

My idea of a montage video is one with little to no natural sound from the clips. Usually, a series of short clips cut together to a music track. These can be music videos, wedding videos, vacation videos or really anything you can imagine.

As previously mentioned, these are the most forgiving to new editors. There really is a simple formula for them.

My montage video for my Ireland trip.

1. Cut to the beat!

Every beat or two is when you switch to a new clip. You can control the feel of the video by how fast the video cuts. Expand your timeline so you can visually see the beats and cut on those points.

2. A Montage is still Storytelling!

Establish settings with wide, medium and close ups with every new location or situation.

No one can understand a video with a series of random shots in no particular order. Be sure to carry your audience along for the journey as if they were there with you.

3. Faster Cuts!

This is the most common mistake of rookie editors. The brain needs a very small amount of time to process a visual. 2-3 seconds is usually enough per shot, unless something really monumentally exciting is happening. If you do have a long shot, but want to stay on beat, use a jump cut. Generally, 100 five second shots is better than 20 thirty section shots.

4. Use the song!

The song is the most important choice in creating a montage, this will establish the speed & style of your editing. Experienced editors know to put their best shots on the strongest beats, their sound-ups during the bridge and to use changes in the songs to move locations in the video.

5. Remember to break the rules!

At the end of the day, there are NO RULES for video editing. Its a creative experience you are in full control of, so please dont take anything above to seriously. These are just the basics I've learned and wanted to share with you all.

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